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Insulation Videos by Southland Insulators in Northern, VA

Thermal Barriers for Spray Foam Insulation

The Truth about Insulation R-Values
Having trouble keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in winter? Find out why that's happening, and more importantly, how you can help resolve the issue by using Icynene spray foam in your home. Expands in cracks and crevices to form an air seal (air barrier) to help prevent condensation and air flow.

Why Weatherize
When a home is weatherized, the homeowner experiences greater comfort and lower utility bills. Did you know buildings are the largest contributor to greenhouse gases? 

Where Are Air Leaks CT
Air leaks tend to occur in similar areas throughout the home. Most homeowners aren’t aware of all the possible areas air can leak from.

The Importance of Energy Audits CT
An energy audit is the best way to determine the problems in a home so they can be addressed properly. But, what exactly is an energy audit?

Parts of an Energy Audit CT
Blower door tests, smoke pencils, infrared imaging and a duct blaster test are all key parts of an energy audit.

Insulation v. Other Weatherization Tools CT
Many steps can be taken to improve a home’s energy efficiency such as upgrading windows and doors. Simple, less costly steps can be taken such as adding insulation and sealing air leaks can be taken to improve a home’s energy performance.
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