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Commercial Spray Foam in Manassas, Arlington & Northern VA

Spray Foam Insulation 
Commercial Spray Foam Insulation by Southland InsulatorsSpray foam insulation is a two-in-one product, insulating and air sealing in one step. Spray foam insulation can also increase building strength, helping to increase stability during high winds and severe storms.

Open cell spray foam insulation works as an insulator and air barrier. The typical R value of open cell foam is 3.7 per inch. Other features of open cell spray foam insulation are:

  • it is vapor permeable
  • is able to accommodate seasonal movement
  • is not a food source for mold
  • dampens sound

Closed Cell Spray Foam InsulationClosed cell spray foam insulation also works as an insulator and air barrier. An additional feature of closed cell spray foam is that it is solid. The cells of the bubbles remain intact (closed), which makes the product rigid. The closed cell composition and increased density contributes to a higher R-value than that of open cell foam. This can contribute to building stability during storms and high winds.

Interior Finish and Thermal Barrier 
When installing Icynene spray foam, we recommend installed TBB from Fi-Foil. Integrates seamlessly with Icynene Spray Foam in commercial, residential, metal and wood-framed buildings. This can be installed in lieu of drywall to create a complete thermal barrier, and provides more appealing finished look than intumescent paint. It is micro-perforated for improved sound absorption and successfully passed the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 286 for a wide range of applications. It is made with over 90% recycled materials, and is completely V.O.C.- and formaldehyde-free. 

Flash and Batt

Flash and batt installation brings together two of the most popular insulators: spray foam insulation and fiberglass batt insulation. This technique is used in wall cavities as follows:

  • one inch of closed cell spray foam insulation is applied
  • once in place, a fiberglass batt is placed over the top of the foam
Flash and batt provides the benefit of air sealing with spray foam insulation at a lower price point than full foam.

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