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Parking Garage Ceilings Insulation, Arlington, McLean & Northern, VA

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Products We Install In Parking Garage CeilingsIn multi use buildings where parking garages are built below residential or commercial space, insulating the garage ceiling is critical to resident comfort. Effective insulation keeps occupied space comfortable and helps maintain a consistent temperature on the main floor of the occupied space.

We’ve been insulating parking garage ceilings for years – you can trust us to get the job done right.  Some of the products we install in parking garage ceilings are:

  • THERMAFIBER® VersaBoard® insulation provides fire protection, sound control, thermal insulation, and energy conservation for various commercial construction applications. It is ideal for use in parking garage ceilings. THERMAFIBER® VersaBoard® is engineered to repel moisture and can be an exposed interior surface. VersaBoard insulation is not listed by UL® for use in perimeter fire containment systems.
  • THERMAX™ White Finish polyisocyanurate insulation is designed as an insulation and interior finish system for interior masonry or concrete walls, plus walls and ceilings in metal, wood post frame, and concrete or masonry buildings, as governed by building codes. This product provides insulating properties and creates a finished look upon application. It can be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier and can be pressure-washed up to 1,000 psi with a 15-degree or greater spray tip (at minimum 3' distance).

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