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Commercial Insulation in Manassas, Arlington & Northern VA

Commercial Insulation Services in Northern VA

Southland Insulators’ Commercial Insulation Services

Commercial Insulation Projects by Southland InsulatorsSouthland Insulators offers Northern VA business owners high-quality commercial insulation services and products. Our commercial insulation specialists provide multiple types of insulation installation products, including spray foam insulation, rigid board insulation, Thermal Barrier Blanket (TBB) system, RetroShield, and more. Since 1986, we’ve offered business owners the best types of insulation to ensure the safety and comfort of employees and customers. Contact us to learn more about improving productivity, boosting comfort, and reducing operating costs with quality commercial insulation.

Our Insulation Types and Installation Techniques

Southland Insulators’ commercial spray foam insulation types and techniques include:

Rigid Board Insulation - We use extruded polystyrene board or rigid fiberglass for commercial insulation projects. Rigid board insulation has a positive R-rating and compact design for energy efficiency.
Spray Foam Insulation - Spray foam insulation is durable and safe for all types of commercial buildings. It seals air leaks and accommodates seasonal movement for maximum performance.
Thermal Barrier Blanket System - We install Icynene Spray Foam insulation and the thermal barrier blanket system (TBB) for maximum insulation value and fire protection. The TBB system is made with over 90% recycled materials, is free of volatile organic compounds, and is formaldehyde-free.
Hybrid Insulation - Hybrid insulation fills open wall cavities and reduces the heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your business. Hybrid insulation involves spray foam application to seal air leaks and adding fiberglass batts for energy efficiency.
RetroShield - RetroShield reduces radiant heat transfer by over 90% in new and previously constructed metal buildings. It boosts the interior finish of your business without needing additional framing.


Roll of Blueskin self-adhering air barrier membrane

In addition to our insulation products, Blueskin air barrier eliminates unwanted leaks. Blueskin is typically applied to the exterior of commercial concrete building projects before applying exterior spray foam insulation. It is self-adhering and creates a continuous air barrier and a smoother plane for better spray foam application. 

Multifamily Insulation Services at Southland Insulators

We offer multifamily insulation services for apartments and condominiums in the area. Our multifamily construction experts keep updated on the newest construction techniques and technology to ensure multifamily units are safe and energy efficient.

We assess each commercial project before determining the best type of commercial spray foam insulation equipment for the job.

Parking Garage Ceiling Insulation Services

Parking garage ceilings that are located below residential or commercial space must be insulated properly for safety. Our knowledgeable commercial insulation contractors in Northern VA will successfully complete the insulation project and determine the best options for the project. We typically use two types of insulation for parking garages, including:

  • THERMAFIBER® VersaBoard® Insulation – Offers moisture control, fire protection, sound control, and thermal insulation. This is the ideal choice for use in parking garage ceilings. THERMAFIBER® VersaBoard® is perfect for an exposed interior service to its moisture-repellent properties.
  • THERMAX™ White Flash Polyisocyanurate Insulation – Creates a finished look with superior insulating properties. THERMAX can be pressure washed up to 1,000 psi and installed on the interior walls without a thermal barrier.

Commercial Insulation Benefits

The most significant benefits of commercial insulation include:

  • Energy Savings – The right type of insulation offers lower heating and cooling costs for your business, variable costs that affect your bottom line.
  • Condensation Control – When your property has the proper insulation, you can better control condensation and moisture levels.
  • Fire Safety – Insulation should be flame retardant to boost fire safety measures and reduce any spread of flames.
  • Sound Control – Sound control is important in a commercial setting to eliminate excessive noise for production.

Insulation Repair & Replacement

Our experienced insulation contractor team is also available for insulation repair and insulation replacement in existing commercial buildings. Our skilled insulation contractors can assess the issue and determine the best insulation method if your office or apartment complex is suffering from outdated insulation and high energy bills.

Why Choose Southland Insulators?

Our commercial insulation services ensure your business is adequately insulated. We offer comprehensive insulation services that save you money and boost productivity. As the area’s premier insulation contractor, we’ve devoted ourselves to customer service and quality work. Contact us today to get started with your free insulation estimate.

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