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Blown-In Insulation in Manassas, Arlington

Blown-In Insulation Installation Services at Southland Insulators

Blown-in insulation is ideal for adding hard-to-reach places and for upgrading existing insulation in homes or attics. Unlike fiberglass batt insulation, blown-in insulation provides easy installation even in tight spaces. The ability for thoroughness provided by blown-in insulation will help you cut down on energy loss and save money on your energy bills.

Our skilled installers at Southland Insulators can help you determine if blown-in insulation is right for your needs and will provide expert installation so you reap the maximum benefits.

Types of Blown-In Insulationblown-in insulation services

At Southland Insulators we use both blown-in cellulose insulation and blown-in fiberglass insulation. Both are used for insulating attics, new or old. The insulation can be blown into nearly any space and can be blown on top of existing insulation in attics to provide an additional layer of protection. Properly insulating your attic is the key to reducing air loss and improving energy efficiency, since about 70 percent of energy lost in your home is lost through upward air flow. Blown-in fiberglass insulation is one of the most common and widely used types of insulation. Unlike fiberglass insulation of the past, today’s fiberglass insulation is no longer made with formaldehyde. It consists primarily of recycled glass materials. Cellulose insulation is likewise made from recycled materials, but it primarily consists of recycled newsprint and other recycled paper. The insulation is treated with nontoxic fire retardants to make it a durable, safe, cost effective solution for homeowners. Blown-in fiberglass and cellulose insulation can be used in very similar applications. In addition to providing optimal insulation for attics and access to hard-to-reach spaces, they can also be dense packed into closed cavities. Whether you want to add insulation to up-slope areas in attics, between floors to control sound, inside walls or in garage ceilings under heated areas, blown-in insulation packed densely into the space might be the right choice for you.

Blown-In Insulation Installation

Blown-in insulation can be used in attics, knee walls and other tight spaces, both in new construction and existing homes. Our skilled contractor team will work with you to determine whether your home would benefit from blown-in insulation. Some of the most common scenarios requiring blown-in insulation installation include:
  • Insulating tight areas
  • Insulating new attics
  • Upgrading existing insulation in attics by blowing in a protective layer
  • Densely packing tight areas, like the space between floors
Our company has been providing residential insulation since our start in 1986, developing a reputation for quality and achievement. You can trust our experienced contractor team to provide top quality insulation installation and help you make your home more energy efficient. If you’re adding insulation to a new home or an existing home and think blown-in insulation might be right for you, contact us today at (703) 368-1965 for a consultation!
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