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Friday, April 21, 2017

America's Green Insulator Reaches Major Milestone in 2016!

America's Green Insulator - Southland Insulators
When you think of the construction industry, what is one thing that comes to mind? If its garbage and construction scrap, you are not alone. According to the EPA, renovation of existing structures and keeping them up to date generates over 40 percent of total construction and demolition debris. Combine renovation waste with the debris from new construction and the volume continues to rise.

In 1998 our leaders instituted a recycling program - far before  "going green" was popular. The goal of the program was to dramatically reduce the waste generated through insulation projects. 

America's Green Insulator - Southland Insulators
Our extensive recycling program includes:
  • Our team bringing back all trash and scraps from jobs they install, rather than filling a dumpster at the project location. 
  • Fiberglass insulation pieces are separated from other scrap. These pieces are ground up to make blowing wool for installation in attics.
  • Cardboard is separated and compacted for recycling.
  • Through our partnership with Rewall, the plastic bags from our batt and blow-in fiberglass insulation is recycled into interior wallboard.
  • The 50-gallon steel drums from their foam division is dripped dry and crushed to six inches high and recycled as scrap steel.
  • All wood pallets received from various manufacturers are returned to Greenfiber, a cellulose insulation manufacturer, to reload their product on for future deliveries.
  • We regularly deliver loads of 5,000 to 8,000 pounds of plastic from insulation packaging to recycling centers rather than to landfills.
America's Green Insulator - Southland Insulators

We are thrilled at the results we've seen from these efforts - and the huge milestone we are about to reach! In 2016 we are approaching 1 million pounds of plastic that has been sent to recycling - that's 1 million pounds of plastic kept out of landfills! 

Interested in seeing this first hand? We welcome the public to visit our location to learn more about our recycling program. To schedule a tour, please call during normal business hours.

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