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Monday, April 16, 2018
Why Spray Foam?                                                                                                         .

Why Spray Foam? .

If you are not familiar with the benefits of spray foam insulation, we are here to help! Like other insulation products such as fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation reduces heat transfer between spaces in a home. Spray foam insulation goes one step further by sealing air leaks to prevent conditioned air from escaping.

Why does this matter?

Air leaks exist around the building envelope – the outermost layer of the home (exterior walls, rooflines, etc.). Air leaks through penetration points that are found around recessed lights, plumbing stacks, electrical wires, attic hatches/doors, chimneys and more. Sealing air leaks keeps conditioned air inside your home. When these air leaks are sealed, conditioned air you’ve already paid for stays in your home. This results in your HVAC system working less, which keeps money in your pocket.

When installing spray foam insulation, the building cavity is insulated and air sealed in one pass. This means one installation provides a thermal barrier and seals penetration points. Air sealing can be performed in combination with other types of insulation, requiring additional labor on the project. If not applied precisely, air sealing won’t have the desired effect. With one spray foam application, you are assured air leaks are completely sealed.

Have other questions about spray foam? Contact our office today!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Camden Washingtonian Chooses Southland Insulators

Camden Washingtonian Chooses Southland Insulators

As the Mid-Atlantic’s largest independent insulation contractor, Southland Insulators has had the pleasure of working on some of the largest construction projects in the region. We were recently honored with being contracted for the insulation work on the Camden Washingtonian condominium community. Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Camden Washingtonian is a project being constructed by Camden Development. Camden prides itself on developing properties that exceed market expectations – their selected insulation package is no exception.

Camden Washingtonian contains 365 condo units. Southland Insulators air sealed each unit to increase energy efficiency. After air sealing each unit, our team installed fiberglass batts in all exterior, demising and corridor walls. Our team filled the interstitial space between the floors and the ceiling with fiberglass batts to help reduce noise transfer. As a final step, spray foam insulation was applied to the loading dock and trash room ceilings.

We are proud to partner with another company that believes in going above and beyond for its customers. Visit this link to learn more about Camden Washingtonian. If you would like to work with the area’s premier insulation contractor, click here to connect with our team.

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Monday, February 19, 2018
Don’t DIY Your Insulation – Why to Hire an Insulation Contractor!

Don’t DIY Your Insulation – Why to Hire an Insulation Contractor!

Many homeowners tackle their own home improvement projects. With many resources available including retail stores and online videos, homeowners may feel confident enough to take on almost any project. When it comes to installing or upgrading home insulation, it’s best to hire a professional insulation contractor.

Here are three reasons why you should hire a professional insulation contractor:

  1. Proper Installation. Without proper installation techniques, insulation will not perform efficiently. A professional insulation contractor has the experience and training to competently install insulation to maximize performance, attic venting to optimize airflow and air sealing to reduce outside air infiltration.
  2. Building Code and Building Science Knowledge. Hiring a professional insulation contractor gives you access to a wide array of knowledge and training. Professional insulation contractors stay current on local building codes, new insulation technologies and installation methods to be sure your home is correctly insulated and as energy efficient as possible.
  3. Safety. A professional insulation contractor conducts safety training for its installer team. Effective safety training reduces the risk of a workplace injury. A professional insulation contractor is trained to spot other hazards such as wiring issues, including knob and tube, installing around combustible materials and more.

Don’t let the perceived cost savings of DIY insulation cost more in the long run. Hire a professional insulation contractor and have the job done right the first time! Our office provides free estimates. Call today to schedule yours!

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Monday, January 15, 2018
Considering Home Improvements? Insulation Rates Highest in ROI

Considering Home Improvements? Insulation Rates Highest in ROI

Remodeling Magazine ranked “adding attic insulation” as the top “bang for the buck” home improvement project in 2017. The report included the 29 top remodeling projects done in a home, ranking average cost against return on investment during resale.

The 2017 Cost vs. Value Report shows adding attic insulation delivers over a 100% return on investment – the only home project that returns more than the project cost. The second place return-on-investment project, replacing a front entry door, came in at just over 90% return on investment.

Visit Remodeling Magazine’s report for more information and to see how other projects rank.

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Monday, January 8, 2018
Three Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insulation Contractor

Three Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insulation Contractor

Commercial Building Construction
With the scale of a commercial project, each decision becomes even more important – including choosing the right insulation contractor. Making a poor choice can affect construction schedules, energy bills, and the comfort of occupants. Selecting the best commercial insulation contractor can make the construction process easier and save headaches down the road.

To help ensure you’re hiring the right commercial insulation company for your next project, ask these questions:
  • What is your commercial insulation experience? Commercial insulation is a specialty. It’s important to know when you hire a commercial insulator that the company has experience in commercial insulation. The right commercial insulation contractor should confidently answer questions about fire ratings, codes, etc.
  • What product and technology training do you receive? A savvy commercial insulation contractor will recommend new technologies for your project that can help improve performance, acoustics, aesthetics and more. A professional commercial insulation contractor will be up to date on product and installation trends and be able to recommend solutions to make your project even better.
  • How large is your installer base? Don’t wait until scheduling day to find out if your commercial insulation contractor has the installer base to complete your job on schedule. Ask your contractor about the size of their installer base. You might also consider asking about their track record of completing commercial insulation projects on time.

Southland Insulators provides a wide range of commercial insulation products and installation techniques to fit any commercial insulation project. Our commercial insulation services and products include sound control, stick pin application, commercial spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, TBB for use with Icynene closed-cell spray foam and more. We insulate parking garage ceilings, multifamily buildings, schools, municipal buildings and many other commercial applications. Our large installer base and commercial insulation experience make us the right choice to be your commercial insulation contractor. Contact our office to discuss your next commercial construction project.

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Monday, December 18, 2017
Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Overlooking your home’s energy efficiency can create both structural and financial headaches. An inefficient home can affect comfort and drive up energy bills. A leaky, inefficient home can cause structural damage through water leaks and more. If you’re tired of higher-than-necessary energy bills and suffering in an uncomfortable home each winter, here are three ways to make your home more comfortable this winter.

  1. Air Seal
    A leaky home can waste approximately 10 to 15 percent of a home’s heating dollars. Sealing air leaks around the home’s envelope and keeping conditioned air inside is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to help reduce energy loss. Sealing penetration points in the attic and around areas like doors, windows, electrical outlets, ducts and more will dramatically increase comfort.
  2. Add Insulation to Your Attic
    Most homes are under insulated based on current building codes. Adding a fresh layer of blown-in fiberglass after sealing attic air leaks can further reduce your energy bills and help keep your home comfortable.
  3. Check your Furnace
    Confirm your furnace is in good working order to uncover any problems that could arise and confirm it’s working as efficiently as possible. And remember to change your furnace filter!  A clean filter can reduce dust and help your furnace run more efficiently.
  4. Insulate and Seal Your Crawl Space
    Crawl spaces are naturally cool and damp. Because they are in direct contact with the main floor of your house, the condition within your crawl space can affect your home’s comfort. As your home breathes from ground to sky, this cool and damp air is drawn into your home’s interior through tiny penetration points around your floor. This can bring down the internal temperature of your home and drive up your heating bills. A poorly insulated basement without proper air sealing can also affect your home's temperature, comfort and unnecessarily drive up heating bills
  5. Upgrade Your Light Bulbs
    Take an inventory of your home’s light bulbs. You may be using inefficient bulbs that are using more energy than necessary. Upgrading to LED bulbs can reduce your energy bills – especially during winter’s shorter days and lights are on more than any other time of year.

Interested in making home energy improvements this winter? Contact us to schedule your free estimate!

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